College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Anthropology Major

Anthropology, online bachelor's

The anthropology degree at KU allows you to study the human condition and human behavior from a variety of academic perspectives from biological studies to the humanities.

Anthropology majors will take the following courses (30 credit hours):

Required Courses

ANTH 150/ANTH 309: Becoming Human

ANTH 160/ANTH 360: Varieties of Human Experience

ANTH 401: Integrating Anthropology

ANTH 449: Field Work

= 12 credit hours

Choose 1 of the following:

ANTH 308: Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 304: Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology 

= 3 credit hours

Choose 5 from the following:

LING/ANTH 320: Language and Culture in Society

ANTH 340: Human Variation and Evolution

ANTH: 389 Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 415: Rise of Civilization

ANTH 484: Magic, Science, and Religion

= 15 credit hours

The anthropology major can be earned through a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of General Studies degree. A minor in anthropology is also available online.