College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Communication Studies Major

Communication Studies, online bachelor's

With a focus on organizational and professional communication, the communication studies degree offers you skills and expertise in:

  • effectively communicate with diverse others
  • communicate and lead within an organization
  • explore diverse communication styles

Communication Studies majors will take the following courses (36 hours total):

Required Courses

COMS 130: Speaker-Audience Communication (pre-requisite, doesn’t count toward major hours)

COMS 232: Introduction to Rhetoric

COMS 235: Introduction Rhetoric & Social Influence

COMS 356: Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods in Communication Studies

COMS 496: Capstone in Communication Studies

= 15 credit hours

Choose 2 from the following:

COMS 210: Communication in an Organizational & Professional Context

COMS 244: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication Theory

COMS 246: Introduction to Intercultural Communication

= 6 credit hours

Choose 1 from the following:

COMS 350: Communicating in a Diverse World

COMS 440: Communication and Gender

= 3 credit hours

Choose 4 from the following:

COMS 310: Introduction to Organizational Communication

COMS 330: Effective Business Communication

COMS 454: Rhetoric of Popular Culture

COMS 320: Communication on the Internet

COMS 415: Communication, Leadership, & Conflict Management

COMS 503: Post-Soviet Communication

COMS 539: Argumentation

COMS 544: Advanced Interpersonal Communication: Theory and Research

= 12 credit hours

The communication studies major can be earned through a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of General Studies degree. A minor in communication studies is also available online.