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Course Offerings

The College Online offers courses in an 8-week and 16-week format. Course offerings will vary each semester and will be posted on the official KU Schedule of Classes website. For help searching the Schedule of Classes for online offerings, please review this handout.

Online Courses in College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

(Course offerings vary per semester)

Course Class Description
AAAS 103 Introduction to Africa
AMS 100 Introduction to American Studies
AMS 260 America's Latinos/Latinas
AMS 332 United States in Global Context
AMS 344 Case Study in American Studies-Sociology of Deviance
AMS 511 History American Women: 1870-Present
ANTH 304 Fund of Physical Anthropology
ANTH 315 The Prehistory of Art
ANTH 360 Varieties of Human Experience
ANTH 502 Topics in Anthropological Linguistics
ATMO 105 Introductory Meteorology
ATMO 220 Unusual Weather
BIOL 240 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
CLSX 148 Greek and Roman Mythology
CLSX 332 Sc Word Power: Greek & Latin in Science
COMS 130 Speaker-Audeince Communication
COMS 210 Communication Organizational & Professional Context
COMS 230 Fundamentals of Debate
COMS 238 Cases in Persuasion
COMS 310 Introduction to  Organizational Communication
COMS 320 Communication on the Internet
COMS 452 Communication and American Presidency
COMS 539 Argumentation
COMS 544 Advance Interpersonal Communication: Theories & Research
EALC 331 Modern Korean Art & Culture
EALC 520 Entrepreneurship in East Asia
ECIV 104 Eastern Civilizations
ECON 142 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 144 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 582 Economic Development
ENGL 101 Composition
ENGL 102 Critical Reading and Writing
ENGL 203 Topics in Reading and Writing
ENGL 209 Introduction to Fiction
ENGL 210 Introduction to Poetry
ENGL 306 Global Environmental Literature
ENGL 330 Literary History II
ENGL 332 Shakespeare
ENGL 362 Foundations of Technical Writing
EVRN/GEOG 148 Scientific Principles Environmental Studies
EVRN 150 Environment, Culture & Society
EVRN 320 Environmental Policy Analysis
GEOG 102 Principles of Human Geography
GEOG 104 Principles of Physical Geography
GEOG 379 Topics in Cultural Geography
GEOL 101 The Way The Earth Works
GEOL 105 History of the Earth
GEOL 302 Oceanography
GEOL 536 Geological Log Analysis
GIST 535 Lit. & Soc. Contemporary Middle East
HA 100/300 Introduction to Western Art History
HA 269 Art and Culture of Korea
HA 315 The Prehistory of Art
HA 363 Modern Korean Art & Culture
HA 393 Special Study in Medieval Art
HIST 114 Renaissance to Revolution: Europe, 1500-1789
HIST 318 Indian Territory
HIST 351 American Indian & White Relations to 1865
HIST 352 American Indians Since 1865
HIST 353 Indigenous Peoples of North America
HIST 394 Made in China: Chinese Business History
HIST 398 Intro to Japan: From Anime to Zen
HIST 399 The Samurai
HWC 204 Western Civilization I
HWC 205 Western Civilization II
HWC 240 Introduction to World Literature
HWC 552 Foodways:  Latin America
LA&S 150 Academic Success Seminar
LA&S 470 Job Search Skills Liberal Arts & Sciences Major
LA&S 475 Professional Career Management
LA&S 485 Global Career Management
LA&S 490 Internship Exploration
LA&S 494 Senior Seminar in Liberal Arts & Sciences
LING 320 Language in Culture and Society
MATH 101 College Algebra
MATH 105 Introduction to Topics in Math
MATH 115 Calculus I
MATH 116 Calculus II
MATH 365 Elementary Statistics
PHIL 148 Reason and Argument
PHIL 360 Moral Issues in Business
PHIL 368 Moral Issues in Sports
POLS 110 Introduction to U.S. Politics
POLS 150 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 170 Introduction to International Politics
POLS 320 Introduction to Public Policy
POLS 613 Comparative U.S. State Politics
PSYC 102 Orientation Seminar Psychology
PSYC 104 General Psychology
PSYC 120 Personality
PSYC 200 Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 210 Statistics Psychological Research
PSYC 318 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 333 Child Development
PSYC 350 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 360 Social Psychology
PSYC 375 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC 465 Stereotypes & Prejudice Across Cultures
PSYC 483 Undergrad Internship Psychology
PSYC 502 Human Sexuality
PSYC 566 Psychology and the Law
PUAD 694 Topics in Public Administration
REL 124 Understanding the Bible
SLAV 330 Russian Business Culture
SLAV 508 South Slavic Literature & Civilization
SOC 104 Elements of Sociology
SOC 160 Social Problems & American Values
SOC 326 Health, Gender, and Society
SOC 385 Environmental Sociology
SOC 521 Wealth, Power, and Inequality
SOC 529 Globalization
SOC 534 Global Ethnic & Racial Relations
SOC 621 Cross-Cultural Sociology
WGSS 101 Introduction Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
WGSS 327 Perspectives Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender
WGSS 333 Politics of Physical Appearance
WGSS 511 History of American Women: 1870-Present
WGSS 530 Sex and New Media
WGSS 563 Gender, Sexuality and the Law

The College Online in Summer

Summer classes are a great way to boost progress toward your degree. Summer courses are primarily 8-weeks, although some are offered in 4-weeks.


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