College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Liberal Arts and Sciences BGS

Transfer credit evaluation will determine the requirements a student has left to complete the Liberal Arts & Sciences-BGS degree. The requirements below can be fulfilled by a combination of transfer credit and KU credit.

Students in the online degree completion programs will be able to take advantage of a specially designed Capstone course that will fulfill KU Core Goal 6: Integration & Creativity. This course is designed to help students focus their Liberal Arts education into career enhancing skills and goals.

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The Four Components of the Liberal Arts & Sciences-BGS degree:

KU Core, World Culture, Natural Science & Math, and Breadth

Requirement Satisfied By
KU Core  The KU Core consists of 6 learning outcome Goals in: Critical Thinking & Quantitative Literacy, Communication, Breadth of Knowledge, Culture & Diversity, Social Responsibility & Ethics, and Integration & Creativity. Completion of all 6 Goals are required.
World Culture or Language Fulfilled by either 3 courses (9 credit hours) in World Culture coursework beyond the KU Core, or 2 courses (3 credit hours or more) in a world language, or second-semester proficiency in a world language.
Natural Science & Mathematics Fulfilled by 2 courses in Natural Science or Math beyond the KU Core.
Breadth in Liberal Arts & Sciences Completion of coursework from 15 different departments within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Note: Students with an Associate of Arts degree from an accredited Kansas institution will be considered to have met KU Core Goals 1-3.

University Requirements:

All undergraduate students at the University of Kansas are required to fulfill University requirements

Requirement Satisfied By
Overall Degree Hours 120 credit hours of applicable degree credit
Junior/Senior Hours 45 credit hours taken at the Junior/Senior (300+) level, of which 30 must be taken in residence at KU (includes KU Online)
In Residence Hours 30 hours minimum, of the 120 needed to graduate, must be taken in residence at KU (includes KU Online)
Grade Point Average 2.00 minimum GPA in KU Coursework is required for graduation