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Dr. Jennifer Hamer


"For me, on-line courses and programs are about access.  It is critical that all of us have the opportunity to share ideas, think creatively, and build the knowledge and skills that will enable us to work and contribute to the world in which we live, to the best of our ability.  Higher education makes that possible but all of us do not have the time, support, or means to attend class everyday or live on campus.  But in a fair and equitable world we must all have equal access to learning.  On-line education makes this possible."

Jennifer Hamer, Professor, Chair of American Studies

Online Courses: AMS 100: Introduction to American Studies, AMS 110: American Identities, AMS 332: United States in Global Context




Dr. Megan Greene

"I find that the online format can really be empowering for many students. Posting on a discussion board for an online class is something you can do on your own schedule, with your notes spread out in front of you, and without the anxiety of speaking up in a classroom. I've seen wonderful, rich conversations develop in this format and largely because of these discussion board engagements I feel that although I don't always meet my online students, I do still get to know many of them quite well from their detailed and well thought out written comments. Because of the regularity of contact and the diverse set of written assignments, I feel as though the online environment allows me to provide a great deal more support and feedback to students than I can in a regular classroom."

Megan Greene, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for East Asian Studies

Online Course: HIST 394: Made in China, Chinese Business History



Dr. Carlos Nash

"Since 2008 I have been building online courses and interactive learning materials, some of which can be seen on the companion site for How Languages Work (Cambridge University Press) or in my Language and the Internet course. Overwhelming positive feedback from students has led me to embrace the value of online courses. The Internet allows me to eliminate the barrier of distance—whether a student has left his/her study materials at home, or has to move to another city. It also allows me to provide students access to rich data sets and engaging exercises, thus increasing his/her likelihood of internalizing new concepts. These are excellent qualities of online courses, which ultimately help students achieve their goals."

Carlos Nash, Assistant Professor

Online Course: ANTH 502: Language and the Internet



Dr. Alesha Doan

"The Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies department has partnered with the College Online to develop quality online courses over the past three years. My opinion about online education has evolved from skepticism, to embracing it as a pathway for students to achieve their goals and find their passion. Our online courses create an interactive environment for students to learn and explore the study of women, gender and sexuality through a multicultural and academically rigorous environment. WGSS online courses have also provided a new opportunity for faculty to support students who may not have access to traditional classes. By applying two key pillars of feminism—equality and access—WGSS is creating the space for students to achieve their goals."

Alesha Doan, Associate Professor, Chair of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Online Courses: WGSS 101: Intro. to WGSS, WGSS 327: Perspectives in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies., WGSS 333: Politics of Phys. Appearance

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