College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Sociology Major

Sociology, online bachelor's

Humans are social beings and our behavior is guided by the society in which we live. Study the consequences of human behavior on social culture, change, and environment.

Sociology majors will take the following courses (33 credit hours):

Required Courses

SOC 104: Elements of Sociology 

SOC 280: Introduction to Social Research

SOC 380: Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis

SOC 480: Sociological Theory

= 12 credit hours

Choose 6 classes from the following:

SOC 324: Being Deviant in America

SOC 332: US in Global Context

SOC 342: Sociology of Immigration

SOC 364: Society, Popular Culture, and the Media

SOC 425: Sociology of Global Health

SOC 430: Cross Cultural Sociology

SOC 437: Global and Ethnic Relations

SOC 462: Violence in Society

SOC 529: Globalization

SOC 660: Sociology of Mental Illness

= 18 credit hours

Choose 1 from the following:

SOC 150: Self & Society

SOC 160: Social Problems & American Values

= 3 credit hours

The sociology major can be earned through a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of General Studies degree. A minor in sociology is also available online.