College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Transfer Credit

Official transcripts must be sent to KU in order for an admission decision to be made and to perform an official transfer credit evaluation. Please contact all institutions attended and request to have your official transcript(s) sent to:

University of Kansas
Office of Admissions and Scholarships
1502 Iowa Street
Lawrence, KS 66045

Please Note: Transfer courses graded D or F will not be accepted for credit.

Students are encouraged to use our Credit Transfer system to perform a preliminary transfer evaluation at any time. To begin go to the Credit Transfer Site and follow the steps below to Evaluate Your Transfer Credit.

Evaluate Your Transfer Credit

1. Select your school's location, then choose your school. Click Search.

2. You can either scroll through the list of courses that appear or use the "Advanced Search" function to search for your courses one-by-one. In the subject field be sure to use the course prefix (example: HIST).

3. As you search, either by the list or by individual course, click the checkbox beside the course you took. It will save your choices as long as you stay on the page and within the same school.

4. Click "View my Saved Transfer Courses". This will give you a list you can either save as a PDF or email to yourself for a reference of how your courses will transfer.

Please note: If you cannot find the course you took it does not necessarily mean the course will not transfer, it just means the course has not previously been transferred and an evaluation will need to be done on that course. This will happen as part of your admission application process.


Understanding Your Transfer Credit:

  • KU Equivalent: Each course has a KU Equivalent listed in the course list.
    • A KU Equivalent of "--Does not transfer--" means that the course has no equivalent at KU and will not transfer for credit.
    • A KU Equivalent showing a course prefix followed by "U" (example: HIST U) means the course will transfer as elective credit.
    • Courses that transfer with other letter codes (example: HIST HT) will transfer in to fulfill a specific general education requirement prior to adoption of the KU Core. For an explanation of these codes visit here.
  • KU Core: If a course has a KU Core equivalent it will be listed in the course list.
    • The KU Core presents the general education requirements for all KU students as of Fall 2013. Visit the KU Core website for more information.
    • An explanation of KU Core course codes can be found here.
    • Students transferring to KU with an Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited Kansas public college, public university, or public community college will be considered to have met Goals 1-3 of the KU Core.