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Value of a Liberal Arts Education

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There is a reason why the first degree from the College Online is in liberal arts and our first two certificates are World Business Culture and Professional Communication.  These encompass the skills that will sustain you throughout your career, no matter what you do.  Find your passion, be supported and achieve your goals with the College Online.


A degree from the College Online will help you achieve your goals.

"The top three best paid majors from liberal arts: Languages and cultures, English, and a degree in liberal arts like the one from the College Online."

-Wall Street Journal, May 15th, 2014


The economy needs liberal arts graduates.

“The formula for businesses trying to compete in today’s economy is simple: hire employees with mental agility, leadership and passion to navigate constant change – in other words, hire those who are liberally educated.”

- A.G. Lafley, former CEO and Chairman of Procter & Gamble


Liberal arts skills are skills for life.

"Three in four executives would recommend the concept of a liberal arts education to their own child or a young person they know."

-Association of American Colleges & Universities 2013 Employer Priorities survey