College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Value of the Liberal Arts & Sciences

When you choose to get your degree in the liberal arts and sciences you are choosing to become an innovative thinker on your path to success. According to a report by the Association of American Colleges & Universities, employers "overwhelmingly" endorse broad learning as the best preparation for long-term career success. Employers surveyed said:

  • Broad learning should be an expected part of the coursework for all students, regardless of their chosen major or field of study
  • More than three out of four employers agreed that every college student should be exposed to the liberal arts and sciences
  • 96 percent of employers agreed that all students should gain knowledge of our democratic institutions, which is done through liberal arts courses

The curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences teaches you to read and interpret complex texts, improves your writing ability, nurtures creativity and helps with critical thinking. Earning your bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas not only provides you with the skills and knowledge you need, but also with a recognizable degree from a respected public research university.