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The University of Kansas is one of only 62 leading public and private research universities that are members of the renowned Association of American Universities.Your degree from KU’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Online carries that prestige. Your KU degree is immediately recognized by employers. And, as a Jayhawk for life, you’ll be ready for any challenge and opportunity!





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An advanced degree, certificates, even an in-person "boot camp" can help you keep your skills up-to-date and meet the rapidly changing demands in the workplace. Our goal is to be the place you can return to — even when everything around you is changing.

"The breadth of class offerings in the online degree program attracted me to the University of Kansas, and the engagement with instructors and classmates kept my ateention throughout the process." -Jeremy Pafford, 2018 Graduate 





The support you deserve.

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You work hard to achieve your goals. You deserve faculty and staff who respect and support those goals. The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Online program provides KU’s highest standards of academic excellence and the latest digital technology available.

"...the support and advice that I received frm my Academic Advisor, Denise Farmer, was invaluable to me during the process. Denise and the rest of the staff made me feel confident that my experience and transition back to being a student would be a smooth one." Brenton Del Chiaro, 2018 Graduate