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Build your network

A common concern about online learning is isolation. But KU faculty and staff will be working hard to ensure you are engaged in your classes, and taking advantage of opportunities to take your learning beyond the classroom. While your roommate or family members might not be sharing those same experiences with you, they are still very much a part of your educational success. These folks are your biggest fans! It's ok to let them peek inside your Jayhawk journey.

Using your support network

Not everyone will have a physical space that is perfect for online learning. Your roommate might want to Tik Tok all day while you’re trying to learn the anatomy of a cell. Maybe you’re at home and your guardian needs you to help out but you have homework due tomorrow. Or you're a parent and that sweet little face of your child keeps bouncing in and out of view.

Be sure to share your educational goals and motivations with your close network of friends and family. That way when you’re feeling distracted they can remember to do their part to encourage you to get back on track. If you are living with others it will be important to let them know your class time and study schedule, so that they can honor that time as DO NOT DISTURB. 

This article has some great tips for identifying what type of support you need, and how to get it.

If you're a parent, asking your kids to DO NOT DISTURB is not likely to lead to great results. But letting your kids know what you are working on and how important education is to you may buy you some time and understanding. Got super littles? Set them up with their own "work space" and set them to task coloring or banging on an old keyboard. 

Looking for a little extra advice from those who have been there before? Check out this article on parenting while getting your education. This focuses on mothers but is applicable for dad's and other childcare givers.  

Jayhawks support Jayhawks

Just because you’re in an online class doesn’t mean campus resources aren’t open to you. In fact campus is filled with folks who are ready to help you with whatever you need. Here are a few to get you started:



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