College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Online Enrollment Process

Online Enrollment for Summer and Fall 2020

The College Online will reserve spots in online courses across the College in order to ensure we continue to offer a fully online degree option for our online students. However, there will be an increased demand for online courses this summer and fall due to social distancing and COVID-19 concerns. We are working to increase capacity in online courses for the summer and fall, but in the meantime continue to follow the enrollment guidance below.

Tips for enrolling in online courses in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:

  • Always try to enroll in the course first. Not all courses have reserved spots. All summer online courses are open for enrollment.
  • If upon trying to enroll you get blocked, do the following:
    • Search for an alternate course that may fit your needs. Be bold and explore a new area of study!
    • Meet with your regular advisor to determine an alternate course.
    • Add yourself to the waitlist in Enroll and Pay. Instructions here.
  • Edwards sections that require department consent, are only available for students officially designated as Edwards campus students. If spots are still available by the dates listed above, they will be moved into the Lawrence section and made available to those on the waitlist, and then general enrollment. 

Reserves spots for the fall will be removed for open enrollment as of August 10, 2020 for August start courses, and October 12, 2020 for October starts.

We will no longer be taking petition requests to enroll in online courses in the College.

Instead, students will need to follow the process listed above. If you are on the waitlist and you get added to the class, you will receive a notification from the Registrar's office alerting you to this enrollment. Be sure to check your KU Email!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the enrollment process for online courses.

1. The schedule shows there are spots available. Why can't I enroll?
Spots in many of the College's online courses are reserved for students in our fully online degree programs because online courses are their only option to earn their degree. We retain these spots until about 2-3 weeks before the start of classes in order to accommodate online students' enrollment schedules.
2. When will I find out if I get a spot in the course?
Throughout enrollment there may be spots in specific courses that we can make available prior to the dates listed above. Otherwise, we will not release open spots until the dates above. If you do get into the course off of the waitlist, you will receive a notification from the Registrar's office. Check your KU Email!
3. I need in this course now. Who can I talk to?
If you are unable to immediately get into an online course and need to know for certain whether you will get into the course or not, your best course of action is to discuss this with your advisor. They can help you decide if there are changes you can make to your schedule to accommodate a different course, or to prioritize taking a course during another semester.
4. I'm graduating and I must have this course to graduate. What can I do?
First of all, be sure and check that there is not another online course that might still have available spots and fits your remaining requirement. Be open to exploring and learning something new. If you are a student in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, you have not only a departmental advisor but a graduation advisor too. Reaching out to them can be a great way to fix a graduation issue.
5. Can I just contact the instructor for this course to get around this process?
If you contact an instructor for access to their online course they will route you back to this process. If an instructor has specifically recommended an online course to you they can contact the College Online and we will help them with the request.